Funky Jazz Band at Shifty’s Bar & Grill

August 7, 2020
9:30 pm
Syracuse, NY
Shifty's Bar and Grill
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Join Funky Jazz Band at Shifty’s Bar and Grill!

Shifty’s is Central New York home for cold beer, hot wings, and the best live music. Shifty’s was featured on In a series called Whats in a Name. Read the story to learn the history of the name Shifty’s.

In 1975, Dave formed his first band as leader. It was a Jazz Fusion group called Dave Hanlon’s Funky Jazz Band. With this band he played a lot of gigs and touring, and eventually came back home to Syracuse to form Dave Hanlon’s Cookbook.

Over the years, he’s played with the likes of Rick Cua, Larry Arlotta, Mark Doyle, Joe Jewell, Paulie Cerra, Ava Andrews, Loren Barrigar; and has been in bands like C.R.A.C., Dove, Duke Jupiter, Cookbook, Apple Jazz Band; and produced for Glen Kolotkin, Steve Katz, Tom Emmi, and Charlie Bertini.